Crete has one of the most ancient and delicious gastronomical costumes in the world, a tradition of tastes, flavorings, ingredients and styles.

Cretan olive oil is known to the world for its’ quality as a natural product. Taste olive oil with your breakfast instead of butter. Crete has a large variety of herbs, such as “malotira” and diktamos (dittany of Crete) known since antiquity for it’s antiseptic use. You can find also many other herbs in the market such as oregano, basil, marjoram, telium, menthol, chamomile, thyme, laurel etc.

The Cretan table can contain every day greens and legume but a Cretan never eats the same food, since they always find a new taste.

We recommend you to taste at least one of these delicious plates:

– Hondros with hohlious

– Dakos

– Cheese pies with greek cheese mizithra

– Apaki

– Makaronia(pasta) skioufihta

– Siglino

– Stamnagkathi or salad with stamnagkathi

– Kalitsounia

– Gamopilafo

…and many more.