There are many quality natural products you have to try in Crete. Here is a list of must-buy/try-products:

Olive oil: The golden secret of Cretan Nutrition and Good-Innings. The quality of this natural product is an international fact.


Cretan cheese: In Crete cheese is eaten all day with the breakfast, with lunch or dinner, even as a desert. Either it’s a formal dinner or not, cheese is always one of the plates.

Types of cretan cheese: anthotiro. yalasomisithra, graviera cretan, pihtogalo chanion, kefalotiri, misithra, ksigalo, staka, tirozouli etc.

– Cretan crispbread

– Raki (or Tsikoudia): Traditional Cretan Alcohol Drink

– Raisins

– Petimezi (molasses)