Koutouloufari, with 600 residents, is 27 kilometers east of Heraklion and is built in 100 meters elevation in the hillside of Mountain Pirgia. It is less than 1 kilometer away from Hersonissos.

Koutouloufari with it’s paved alleys and the old Cretan houses , is one of the most touristic places in Crete, providing many possibilities in entertainment, tourist attractions and activities. It also provides a variety of beautiful beaches to chose.

Your stay in Koutouloufari will provide you a peaceful and traditional environment and a breathtaking and unique view of the Cretan Sea. You will be amazed with the beautiful old stone-built houses, their arches and their inner courtyards. You will walk the cobblestones or down the street that leads through the olive hills . What is more, on Cretan Nights you will be able to see Cretans dressed with their traditional costumes.

In Koutouloufari you can also play mini golf in one of the coffee houses, buy souvenirs , newspapers or supplies from the local mini markets.